You can Train Your Bengal Cat to Do Tricks! [Video]

jesse jamesBengal cats are one of the smartest breeds of cats, not only because they are a hybrid cat but also because they tend to be more active. They thrive in high active households, they like to be challenged and they enjoy pleasing their cat guardians.

Bengal cats are extremely trainable and you can train your to do tricks for you. One thing to remember is to never force your cat to do a trick, they will be resistant and then they will not cooperate with daily tasks. Also be prepared to reward your cat with treats. At first you will need to give a treat every time they perform, but as time goes on you can cut down the treats and just make a fun game out of it.

Starting when your Bengal cat is a kitten is ideal but even older cats can learn new tricks. Here are a few basic tricks or commands you can try with you Bengal cat:

1. Come- This command is not just awe inspiring from the visitors that come to your house, but it is also a safety concern. If you can teach your cat to come on command you are more likely to keep them safe if they were walking into a dangerous situation.

To teach this trick start with a very close distance of 4- 5 inches and give a treat every time they complete the task. Then after 4-5 successful tries you can more back further and start again. After a few weeks you can train your cat to come when you are in a different room.

2. Stay- This will come in handy when your Bengal wants to greet all your guests but your guests don’t want to be greeted. To do this you will need to be quick with the rewards at first. Give the command and if your cat stays give them a treat immediately. Then slowly increase the time until they are staying or longer than 30 seconds.

3. Closing a door-This may seem like a more advanced task but it is simple just like the others. Start with a target on a piece of paper and give the command. Every time your cat touches the paper with their head give a treat. After they get the hang of this put the target on a door and give the command, now you have a cat that closes doors.


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Written by Glen Mustapick

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