Understanding Your Bengal Cat’s Behavior [Infographic]

Bengal Kitten BehaviorsThe best thing about Bengal cats is that they’re a bit mysterious and intriguing at times. They do odd things, like pounce at something as simple as a sock; cats are loveably strange.

Trying to analyze their behavior is half the fun of getting to know your Bengal kitten, but in terms of health, needs, fears and emotions, understanding its expressions is crucial. One of the most difficult things for discerning pet owners is the inability to understand what it is your companion needs. Over time, you’ll eventually pick up the signals, affording you the opportunity to tend to your Bengal cat quickly and adequately.

Three Tips for Analyzing Bengal Cattitude

  1.  Find the Constant

To understand when your cat isn’t feeling well, spend some time each day studying his or her behavior. When you consistently observe your Bengal kitten, you’ll have no trouble telling when the cattitude is normal and when it is not.

  1.   Don’t Confuse Purrs

Purrs usually mean a cat is relaxed and happy, however it could also be a purr for help. Feel your Bengal kitten to see if he or she is sore or irritable in any places. Chances are if the kitten tries to play when you interact, then he or she is feeling well.

  1.   Spoil Your Bengal Kitten

If you suspect your Bengal kitten of acting strange, give your cat something he or she normally loves, like playtime or a special treat. If your kitten doesn’t react normally, it may just be in a lazy mood.

Check out this infographic, for more information on understanding Bengal cattitudes:


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Written by Destiny Bengals

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