Ten Ways to Spoil Your Bengal Kitten

Spoil Your Bengal KittenOccasionally, you’ll want to do something extra for your companion; it’s natural. Maybe your Bengal kitten is adjusting to new food and he or she doesn’t feel well, or maybe you want to reward good behavior. Regardless of your motive, we won’t stop you from spoiling your pal. In fact, we have a few tips for spoiling your new Bengal cat.

1.  Walk your Bengal Kitten
Bengal cats are highly active and energetic, so they love going for walks; be sure to get a strong and safe harness for your Bengal kitty.

2.  Make Bath Time Less Stressful
Even though Bengal cats can occasionally enjoy water, most don’t enjoy bath time, ever. OUT is a cat-bathing wipe that cleans the Bengal kitty without upsetting your pet.

3.  Give Excess Attention
He or she will want as much attention as you can possibly give, so be ready for ubiquitous kitty love.

4.  Prime Real Estate
Give your Bengal Kitten a designated play area, including a big, cozy place to sleep. A cat bed near a window is usually ideal.

5.  Special Treats/Meals
Let your Bengal cat sip milk or snack on a special treat.

6.  Play Nature Sounds
Help your Bengal cat get in touch with natural instincts by playing nature sounds, like birds, wind, and thunderstorms.

7.  Dry Blankets
When your Bengal kitten looks sleepy, spoil your friend by throwing his or her blankets in the dryer for a few minutes. Let your cat rest on the hot, cozy pile of dry blankets.

8.  Pet Vacation
What’s not so far for you is distant for your Bengal cat. Grab a harness and go to an unfamiliar walking location. Your kitty will feel like he or she is on a vacation

9.  Brush your Kitty
Bengal cats love attention, especially petting and massages. Make brushing time more of a massage and bonding experience and your kitty will love it!

10. Make a Jungle Gym
Think about the coolest babysitter, it’s the one who makes the fort. Do the same for your cat. Put together different (safe) obstacles and jumping platforms, create a fun environment where your Bengal cat can be a cat.