Preparing Your Home for Your New Bengal Kitten

bengal kitten playing with stuffed toyBringing home your Bengal kitten is an exciting day for the whole family, but every new kitten needs time to adjust to a new home away from their mother and litter mates. Before picking up your pet, there are a few simple things you can do to make your home safe and welcoming for the newest member of your family.

Kitty-Proof the House

Inquisitive by nature, kittens love to explore. There are plenty of household items your new pet can get into, so it is important to perform a thorough check of the house before bringing them home. Start by cleaning up things like toys, jewelry and decorative items that are small enough to be swallowed. Make sure electrical cords are secured out of your kitten’s reach.

Household cleaning products and medicines should be placed in cabinets that can be securely closed, and the washing machine and dryer should be kept shut as well. These dark, warm places are the perfect hiding spots for your furry friend. Also remove any plants that may be poisonous to cats and keep the toilet lid closed.

Create a Cozy Haven

Give your Bengal kitten a place to call their own, away from the noise and excitement of your home. Choose a quiet, secluded corner and place a comfy pet bed or a cardboard box lined with blankets in it. This retreat will provide your new pet a place to sleep and relax as they acclimate to your home. Never bother your kitten when they are inside this little home, instead letting them come out in their own time.

Let Your Cat Come to You

All the new sights and sounds may be overwhelming to your pet, so remember to give them time to adjust. Let them explore on their own, interacting with them when they come to you. Children especially will want to hold and cuddle your furry family member right away, but introduce your Bengal kitten to the family calmly, one person at a time.

Litter Training

Provide your kitten with a litter box on every floor of your home and help them get used to using it by placing them inside shortly after naps and eating. Praise your pet when they use the box, but avoid punishing accidents. Since the burying of waste is an instinctive behavior for cats, litter training won’t take too long. Just be patient and consistent and your furry friend will learn soon enough.

Stick to One Room

As your new pet adjusts to life at home, consider keeping them in one room, with safe toys, a bed and litter box, while you are at work. This will keep your young cat from getting into any trouble while you are gone and will keep them safe from other pets until you are sure they can be trusted together.

Remember, a kitten is like a baby and requires plenty of love and attention to thrive. Care for your Bengal kitten, giving them time to grow comfortable in your home and they will become a loving and cherished member of your family.

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How to Take Care of a Bengal Kitten

Bengal CatThe beautiful Bengal is not only unique but an extremely entertaining breed of kitten. These felines make a great companion and are a wonderful addition to your household. Here are a few tips on how to care for your new Bengal kitten:

Feeding your Feline – We advise feeding your cat in moderation. They enjoy all natural dry and wet food; however, occasional dinner scraps won’t do your kitten any harm. Also, you should make sure that whether it’s from a dish or the faucet, your Bengal gets enough water. Wild Bengals are used to drinking out of streams so your cat will love to drink running water from the tub!

Litter Box Living – Bengals love their privacy so when purchasing your kitten’s litter box, make sure it has high edging. In fact, the higher the better! Bengals are able to jump up to three times their height so don’t worry about them struggling to get inside. If the edge is real low, Bengals tend to “leak” outside of the box which isn’t a fun clean-up for you.

Fabulous Fur – Bengals love to have their hair brushed! By brushing your Bengal, you are helping them get rid of their shedding fur and preventing their fur from getting matted. When it comes to bathing your kitten, make sure you use cat safe shampoo. Use warm water and shower them all over but be careful not to get anything in their eyes. After their bath, towel dry them in the direction of their fur. Then, let them take care of the rest. They will finish bathing themselves for hours!

Feathers, Lasers, Mice … oh my! – Playing with your kitten is extremely important. They love to mess around and are very entertaining. They enjoy anything that moves. Bengals love to chase laser pointers around the floor or a feather toy that is attached to a string. They’ll pounce at these objects as if they were alive – which is also very fun for you to watch! You can also throw a catnip mouse across the room and watch your Bengal bring it back to you proudly!