How to Keep Your Cat Active and Healthy

Bengal Cats“The thrill of the chase” comes to mind when thinking about cats. It’s the excitement they feel trying to find something, like a toy mouse (or a real rodent) scampering about the floor. Cats thrive on the thrill of the chase and when they don’t have that, they can get bored, lethargic, and overweight.

We have to remember that even though pet cats seem gentle and tame, many centuries ago they ran wild and they still have some of that wild nature in their blood.

Give a cat a mouse to chase and they couldn’t be happier. It’s quite healthy for a cat to chase and catch a mouse. If and when they do, they’ll present it to their owner as a present. They feel accomplished. It’s good for their sense of emotional well-being and physical accomplishment.

Perhaps we pet owners have made life too easy for today’s cats. They don’t have to hunt and catch their food. It’s put out in bowls for them on a daily basis. It’s plentiful. They can eat as much as they want. It’s no wonder, then, that some pet cats today are overweight.

Interestingly, some people are using “food puzzles” to challenge cats to get their food. This helps get them moving and thinking, so they have to do some work to eat. This is a good thing. Simple food puzzles can involve cups, tunnels and other shaped objects whereas a cat has to, for instance, move the puzzle around in order to get food to fall out through small holes. This challenge gives them a thrill and research published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery confirms it: cats are happier and healthier if you make them work for their food.

Remember, cats were/are naturally predatory. In the old days they needed to hunt daily just to survive. Their instinct is to hunt, so human owners should afford them every chance to do just that.

What Can You Do To Help Your Cat When Moving to a New Home?

Moving With CatsCats are a lot like people. They’re diverse in temperament. Some can be easily bothered, highly sensitive to change, and skittish. Others don’t seem to care– at all–about things that bother their peers.

The majority of cats who make a move to a new home are like the majority of people– they need some time to make the mental and physical adjustments to their new environment. There may be some hiding and awkward nights, but that’s not unusual for pets…or their owners.

Just like you’d want to show a child extra special attention to help make a move to a new home as comfortable as could be, try that with your pet cat. Don’t be afraid to pamper them with extra treats and show them more attention than normal.

If you’re going to have a house full of cardboard boxes, put out a few before the moving starts so the cat gets used to seeing them around.

On the day of the move, put your cat into a secure spot where they won’t be distracted by all the chaos of moving; it should be a spot where they’re comfortable and you can easily find them when you want to check on them. Perhaps leave them in a familiar room for much of the moving day, with their water and food available. Close the door so they don’t wander.

When it comes time to actually take them from one home to another, place cats in transport carriers so they don’t accidentally run away and/or get lost the day of the big move. Cats like to roam, but they also like the security of confined spaces, too.

At the new house, put out all the cat stuff they had at the other home, such as their litter box, scratching post, bed and toys. These familiar objects will help make your pet feel more at home in the new place. Start them off in just one room of the new house and every couple days open up more doors for them to explore more rooms. This way it’s not too overwhelming.

Ten Ways to Spoil Your Bengal Kitten

Spoil Your Bengal KittenOccasionally, you’ll want to do something extra for your companion; it’s natural. Maybe your Bengal kitten is adjusting to new food and he or she doesn’t feel well, or maybe you want to reward good behavior. Regardless of your motive, we won’t stop you from spoiling your pal. In fact, we have a few tips for spoiling your new Bengal cat.

1.  Walk your Bengal Kitten
Bengal cats are highly active and energetic, so they love going for walks; be sure to get a strong and safe harness for your Bengal kitty.

2.  Make Bath Time Less Stressful
Even though Bengal cats can occasionally enjoy water, most don’t enjoy bath time, ever. OUT is a cat-bathing wipe that cleans the Bengal kitty without upsetting your pet.

3.  Give Excess Attention
He or she will want as much attention as you can possibly give, so be ready for ubiquitous kitty love.

4.  Prime Real Estate
Give your Bengal Kitten a designated play area, including a big, cozy place to sleep. A cat bed near a window is usually ideal.

5.  Special Treats/Meals
Let your Bengal cat sip milk or snack on a special treat.

6.  Play Nature Sounds
Help your Bengal cat get in touch with natural instincts by playing nature sounds, like birds, wind, and thunderstorms.

7.  Dry Blankets
When your Bengal kitten looks sleepy, spoil your friend by throwing his or her blankets in the dryer for a few minutes. Let your cat rest on the hot, cozy pile of dry blankets.

8.  Pet Vacation
What’s not so far for you is distant for your Bengal cat. Grab a harness and go to an unfamiliar walking location. Your kitty will feel like he or she is on a vacation

9.  Brush your Kitty
Bengal cats love attention, especially petting and massages. Make brushing time more of a massage and bonding experience and your kitty will love it!

10. Make a Jungle Gym
Think about the coolest babysitter, it’s the one who makes the fort. Do the same for your cat. Put together different (safe) obstacles and jumping platforms, create a fun environment where your Bengal cat can be a cat.