What Makes Bengal Cats Unique?

Bengal KittenDestiny Bengals is known for connecting pet lovers with Bengal kittens, one of the most exotic breeds of cat in the world! Did you know that a Bengal is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat? Cool. Bengals look like wild jungle cats, but they’ve been bred to be gentle, domesticated pets.

Bengal cats are perhaps most known for their distinctive look: a richly colored, highly contrasted coat of vivid spots. The Bengal is like a Leopard, Jaguar or Ocelot, in looks, thanks to their rosette markings. Bengal cats have two basic pattern flows: rosetted and marbled. This unique look stands them out from other cats who are simply all one color.

Compared to other breeds, Bengals are a bit different. They seem to maintain a kitten-like energy even when they’re old. Their coat is pelt-like and plush. They also might like water. You might find a Bengal watching you brush your teeth or trying to hop in water  with you. Their ancestors liked to hunt in water, so that’s where that urge comes from.

Did you know most Bengals have green, blue, yellow or gold-colored eyes? Some Bengals have a sparkle at the tips of their hairs when light hits them right– almost looking like glitter. Bengals have been called the “Rolls Royce” of cats because of their uniqueness and beauty.

Generally muscular and athletic, Bengals combine both strength and elegance. They’re playful and have been known to jump over four feet from the ground.

As a breed, Bengals are extremely efficient self-groomers. They shed very little.

When fully grown, males average 10 to 15 pounds, while females are 8 to 12 pounds.

Breeders typically allow kittens to go to their new homes when they’re between three and four months old.

If you have any specific questions about Bengals, don’t hesitate to email DBGM26@aol.com or call 561-295-5195.

Ways Cats Show Affection to Their Owners

CatsFor centuries people have enjoyed keeping cats as their beloved pets. They’re cute, cuddly, warm and when they purr, they can soothe even the savage beast.

What are some ways cats show affection to their owners? For starters, cats like to bring their owners presents in the form of dead mice and birds they “caught” for you. While those aren’t necessarily gifts you want, it’s still kind of cool that your pet cat thought to bring you what they caught as a present.

If and when a cat looks you in the eyes or rolls on its back to show you its belly, those are two signs they like and trust you. Since they’re defenseless on their backs, when a cat shows you its belly that’s a sign they feel protected and loved by you.

Have you ever been head butted by a cat? If a person did that to you, you’d be mad, but when a cat does that to you, it’s a way of showing affection. Did you know that through their head butt, they’re depositing facial pheromones on to you– leaving their scent on you!

Though cats are often thought to be somewhat elusive, when one hangs around you he or she is showing they like you. They may playfully nibble on you in a ticklish way or use their paws to knead you like pizza dough. When they get a loud and deep purr going, they’re saying they love you.

Finally, when a cat’s tail is casually up and flipping its tip around you, that’s yet another way they’re showing you affection.

Destiny Bengals is known for supplying people with affectionate Bengal kittens. A cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat, Bengals are loving, beautiful and friendly. If you have any questions about Bengals, please call 561-295-5195.

Games to Play With Your Cat

Cat Games Most pet cats love to play, so it’s a good thing to play games with your cat. Keep in mind that cats are, by nature, hunters. They’re also farsighted which means they don’t see too well up close. That said, they can detect movement far away from them and their hearing is much stronger than that of their owners.

In order to have fun with your cat, you can typically use one item to entertain them. For example, you can use a ping pong ball or a crumpled piece of paper on the floor. Your cat will hit it with his or her paw and then chase it around. Experiment with different objects to see what your cats likes to play with… little balls, things that roll, and toy mice usually get cats moving around to play.

Cats have been associated with yarn for a long time, and they just love string! You can take yarn, shoelaces, or any other sort of ribbon and drag it across the furniture. Your cat will be mesmerized and want to investigate.

If you want a good laugh, take one of your hands and place it under a blanket or newspaper. Move your fingers so it looks like there’s something there. Watch and laugh as your cat thinks your fingers are a mouse!

Just like little kids play hide-and-seek, you can play that game with cats. Remember that cats are hunters in search of their prey. So you can hide behind furniture and play a mock game of “come hunt me.” It’s fascinating to see cats crouching down, seemingly stalking their prey.

Find a large paper bag and place it somewhere accessible to your cat. He or she will investigate it and probably end up inside of it. Then, for fun, surprise the cat by poking the bag with your fingers and daring your cat to touch your fingers, too.

Finally, you have probably heard that cat videos are among the most popular on YouTube. Put your cat on your lap and watch some funny cat videos together. It’s a bonding experience and a nice way to show your pet cat some others having fun.

Yes, Your Bengal Cat Will Get Along With Other Pets! [Videos]

One of the questions that many people looking to bring a Bengal cat into the home is “will it get along with the rest of my family and pets?” and you will be happy to know that the answer is yes.

Bengal cats are very sociable and love to have other people or animals to play with!

This is yet another reason why Bengal cats are great to have as pets. Even though Bengals are felines, they love to play fetch and horse around like your dog does! They will have great times together and never be bored. This will be especially useful on days where the weather isn’t the best and you can’t go for a walk with everyone.

Bengal cats are fiercely loyal to their owners and their family, so this will mean that they are loyal to you and your pets. Regardless of the species, your Bengal cat is sure to accept them into the family and treat them as one of their own.

If you have a small child, it is very easy for Bengal cats to be trained to treat them gently, and you might even catch your Bengal giving your children the gentle head-butts that signify their affection and love.

Lastly, people get very concerned over bringing a Bengal cat into a home with a dog. It’s been known for a long time that cats and dogs are supposed to be enemies and that they chase each other down. Well, this isn’t the case with your Bengal cat. They will shower your canines with love, too!

See some wonderful examples here:


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5 Signs You Need a Bengal Cat

Bengal Kittens
You know you are willing to commit to a cat for the next 18+ years. You know that a cat is a big part of your future, but how do you know which cat is best for you? It all comes down to personality and lifestyle, of course. Read the five signs that you need a Bengal Cat and be sure to check out our new litter!

You are Unique:

Bengal cats are perfect for the person who loves to be unique. They are unlike any other cat. Bengal cats love water and they are very playful and affectionate.

 You are Energetic:

Your Bengal cat will let you know when he or she wants playtime, and you may get a decent work out from it.

You Love Exotic Things and Feral Animals:

Bred form a mix of a domestic house cat and an Asian leopard, the Bengal cat is adorable with exotic spots and a beautiful, shimmery coat.

You want a loving companion:

Bengal cats will surprise you with playtime or a loving cuddle session. Either way, your Bengal cat will take as much care of you as you do of him or her.

You Love Laughing:

Your Bengal kitty will be happy and playful, making you laugh often. You may come in and find your Bengal cat sitting on top of your cupboards, or playing in a silly position on the ground. You’ll never know until you adopt your very own Bengal kitten.


Understanding Your Bengal Cat’s Behavior [Infographic]

Bengal Kitten BehaviorsThe best thing about Bengal cats is that they’re a bit mysterious and intriguing at times. They do odd things, like pounce at something as simple as a sock; cats are loveably strange.

Trying to analyze their behavior is half the fun of getting to know your Bengal kitten, but in terms of health, needs, fears and emotions, understanding its expressions is crucial. One of the most difficult things for discerning pet owners is the inability to understand what it is your companion needs. Over time, you’ll eventually pick up the signals, affording you the opportunity to tend to your Bengal cat quickly and adequately.

Three Tips for Analyzing Bengal Cattitude

  1.  Find the Constant

To understand when your cat isn’t feeling well, spend some time each day studying his or her behavior. When you consistently observe your Bengal kitten, you’ll have no trouble telling when the cattitude is normal and when it is not.

  1.   Don’t Confuse Purrs

Purrs usually mean a cat is relaxed and happy, however it could also be a purr for help. Feel your Bengal kitten to see if he or she is sore or irritable in any places. Chances are if the kitten tries to play when you interact, then he or she is feeling well.

  1.   Spoil Your Bengal Kitten

If you suspect your Bengal kitten of acting strange, give your cat something he or she normally loves, like playtime or a special treat. If your kitten doesn’t react normally, it may just be in a lazy mood.

Check out this infographic, for more information on understanding Bengal cattitudes:


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