Should Bengal Cats be Spayed or Neutered?

Bengal KittensShould Bengal cats be spayed or neutered? If they’re not being used as a breeder, then yes.

Spaying and neutering pets in North America has been a widely accepted practice for more than six decades, but in recent times some questioned whether or not these procedures had negative effects on the cats.

Some of the questions raised over the years include: “Will it stunt my cat’s growth?”; “Will it make my cat fat?”; “Will my cat be less active because of having it done?” and, for the cat experts, “Will it increase the chances of my cat getting feline lower urinary tract disease?”

It turns out that spaying or neutering your Bengal cat, whether it’s a recently born kitten, or even an older cat, is perfectly fine and you don’t have to worry about any concerns.

In fact, spaying a female cat can help protect her from problems down the road, including uterine infections and mammary cancer. Additionally, spayed or neutered cats have a tendency to be easier to live with as pets; because they lose the motivation to reproduce, they lose some of their feisty aggression and become more docile.

At Destiny Bengals, we care about the kittens we sell to people; we sell Bengal kittens of breeder and/or show/breeder quality. All breeding cats sold by Destiny Bengals must be fixed when their breeder is no longer using them as a breeder.Bengal Kittens

Obviously, the best reason to spay or neuter your Bengal cat is that there are too many unwanted cats in shelters across the country. You help control the cat population by having the procedure performed on your pet. It’s an easy surgery and your cat will heal quickly.

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