Interesting Facts About Bengal Cats

Bengal CatsBengal cats are often misinterpreted as ferocious cats because of their leopard or cheetah appearance. Contrary to this thought, the Bengal cat is a lovable, playful and loyal cat. Their uniqueness in appearance and personality has made them shine above other cat breeds.

One of the most interesting facts about a Bengal is their mix. The Bengal is a fine cross between an exotic and domestic feline. The combination of the two has made the Bengal cat a desired breed of feline for individuals and families with children.

So where did the Bengal originate from? Back in the 1960’s a breeder had the idea to breed a domestic and an Asian leopard feline, which created this amazing cat. Since then, the Bengal cat has continued to amaze people who have welcomed this wonderful feline into their lives.

Below are some more interesting facts about Bengal cats.

  • Typically, cats and water don’t mix except when you refer to the Bengal cat. This breed actually really enjoys playing around in the water.
  • Bengals are also known for their “glitter” gene, which is where they get the beautiful iridescent quality of their coat.
  • The Bengal cat is a fan of climbing. You will often find a Bengal cat in the strangest of high places in a home.
  • With characteristics similar to a dog, the Bengal cat loves to play catch and enjoys walking on a leash outside.
  • This breed is known for thieving glittery objects. You might find jewelry hidden all over your house, so beware!
  • The Bengal cat is very intelligent and likes a challenge. Don’t feel bad about being vigilant and teaching them intricate tricks like catching and retrieving objects.

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Written by Destiny Bengals

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