Interesting Factoids about Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are some of the more distinct cats on the face of the earth. They were created by breeding domestic cats with Asian leopard cats, and while this process garnered a great deal of headlines at the time, it didn’t take long for people to fall in love with them. Bengals cats are known for exhibiting some of the traits that you might find in a wild cat, but they also have the temperament of the average domestic cat, which makes them unlike any other type of cat you have ever seen. Check out some more facts about Bengal cats below:

They like water a lot more than other cats.

It’s rare to find a cat that likes water. Most cats are scared of water and don’t want to have anything to do with it. However, Bengal cats actually love the water and have been known to try and follow their owners into the bathroom when they take a shower. Bengals cats don’t feel threatened at all by water and will gravitate towards it if you let them.

They love to be entertained.

Most cats like to play to a degree, but there are plenty of breeds that will spend their entire days napping and taking it easy. Not Bengal cats! They need something to keep them occupied at almost all times, which is why Bengal owners love to spoil their cats with toys and other knicknacks . If you bring a Bengal cat into your home, you should be prepared to play with it and keep it active.

They can jump high and climb up just about anything.

Due to their wild nature, Bengal cats are capable of jumping incredible high. There are some that can jump three times as high as their own height. They can also climb up many different kinds of surfaces, so don’t be surprised if they figure out a way to get to that toy you tried to hide from them on a high shelf. They are amazing creatures who are strong-willed and physically capable of reaching heights that might seem impossible to you.

Bengal cats are a special breed, and they can bring years of joy and laughter to you and your family. If you have considered bringing a Bengal cat into your home, Destiny Bengals can provide you with more information on them. Call us at 561-295-5195 today with any questions you might have about beautiful Bengal cats.

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