Games to Play With Your Cat

Cat Games Most pet cats love to play, so it’s a good thing to play games with your cat. Keep in mind that cats are, by nature, hunters. They’re also farsighted which means they don’t see too well up close. That said, they can detect movement far away from them and their hearing is much stronger than that of their owners.

In order to have fun with your cat, you can typically use one item to entertain them. For example, you can use a ping pong ball or a crumpled piece of paper on the floor. Your cat will hit it with his or her paw and then chase it around. Experiment with different objects to see what your cats likes to play with… little balls, things that roll, and toy mice usually get cats moving around to play.

Cats have been associated with yarn for a long time, and they just love string! You can take yarn, shoelaces, or any other sort of ribbon and drag it across the furniture. Your cat will be mesmerized and want to investigate.

If you want a good laugh, take one of your hands and place it under a blanket or newspaper. Move your fingers so it looks like there’s something there. Watch and laugh as your cat thinks your fingers are a mouse!

Just like little kids play hide-and-seek, you can play that game with cats. Remember that cats are hunters in search of their prey. So you can hide behind furniture and play a mock game of “come hunt me.” It’s fascinating to see cats crouching down, seemingly stalking their prey.

Find a large paper bag and place it somewhere accessible to your cat. He or she will investigate it and probably end up inside of it. Then, for fun, surprise the cat by poking the bag with your fingers and daring your cat to touch your fingers, too.

Finally, you have probably heard that cat videos are among the most popular on YouTube. Put your cat on your lap and watch some funny cat videos together. It’s a bonding experience and a nice way to show your pet cat some others having fun.

Why Children Should Grow Up With Cats

Children and CatsWith fuzzy fur and a soothing purr, cats can be a child’s best friend. But the benefits of growing up in a household with a cat go far beyond the cuddles. From toddlers to teens, kids who grow up with cats enjoy some definite advantages:

  • A learning boost. Children who feel uncomfortable reading out loud in class, explaining solutions to math problems on the board or giving an oral report on the inventions of Ben Franklin can find help from their furry friends. Children who read or talk to their pets can practice their verbal skills in a stress-free, judgment-free setting. Not only does reading aloud or explaining a concept reinforce learning, it might just earn a snuggle of appreciation.
  • Comfort and unconditional love. From broken toys to broken hearts, children of all ages need comforting now and then. Cats are always willing to lend a sympathetic ear and to be there for kids who are sad, angry, frustrated or afraid.
  • Developing responsibility and empathy. Being responsible for the daily care of another living thing teaches children about commitment, accountability and being aware of the needs of others. Even preschoolers can help take care of the family cat by filling food and water bowls.
  • Lower risk of allergies and asthma. Studies have shown that children who live with cats and other animals are less likely to have common allergies. They are also less likely to develop asthma, which affects nearly 9 million children in the United States.

To give your child the benefits that growing up with a cat can offer, take a look at the available kittens from Destiny Bengals, a premier breeder of Bengal cats. Bengals are an affectionate, energetic breed that is wonderful with children. A cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat, Bengal cats have a unique, exotic look paired with a gentle temperament.

Destiny Bengals is a premier breeder of this loyal, lovable line of cats. Vet checked for over 17 years, we provide a health certificate and guarantee on all of our Bengal cats. Call Destiny Bengals at 561-295-5195 today or take a look at our available kittens at


Keep Your Bengal Cat Warm This Winter

keep bengal cats warm

Your Bengal cat loves being warm as much as you do! The winter time is rough for everyone. Bitter cold temperatures and icy snow conditions can make it treacherous for any of us to be outside, especially domestic pets.

There are quite a few ways to create warmth for your indoor cat this winter; some require purchasing some well-needed items, and others are pure common sense.

Heated Beds

Heated cat beds are a wonderful and effective way to keep your cat warm at night when the temperature is most often the coldest. They come in various sizes and price ranges, so it’s pretty easy to find one that suits your cat and your budget.

Check for Drafty Windows and Doors

Checking your home for drafty windows and doors is a wise thing to do in the winter for your entire family. If your cat loves to sit in a window or look out of a glass door, be mindful to fix any areas where air may be coming in and heat going out. It could get really uncomfortable for your cat if he or she spends their days relaxing by drafty windows and doors.

Utilize the Sun’s Warmth

In many areas of the world, the sun is strong and bright in the winter. Though the wind chill may be frightening outside, if your home gets a lot of sun in certain areas, guide your cat to those areas. Your cat may also seek out, and find these streams of sun on their own, as they are naturally attracted to natural warmth.

Other Ways to Keep Your Bengal Warm This Winter

Keep as much moisture in the air as possible inside your home. A humidifier is the best way to do this or an old fashioned tea pot on a wood iron stove works well if you live in rural areas, and will keep the home warmer and moderately humid.

Make sure your Bengal is taking in enough calories during the winter. Your vet, of course, will be the best judge. And how about a nice snuggle with your Bengal on the sofa with a blanket? This is a great way for you both to stay warm this winter.

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Understanding Your Bengal Cat’s Behavior [Infographic]

Bengal Kitten BehaviorsThe best thing about Bengal cats is that they’re a bit mysterious and intriguing at times. They do odd things, like pounce at something as simple as a sock; cats are loveably strange.

Trying to analyze their behavior is half the fun of getting to know your Bengal kitten, but in terms of health, needs, fears and emotions, understanding its expressions is crucial. One of the most difficult things for discerning pet owners is the inability to understand what it is your companion needs. Over time, you’ll eventually pick up the signals, affording you the opportunity to tend to your Bengal cat quickly and adequately.

Three Tips for Analyzing Bengal Cattitude

  1.  Find the Constant

To understand when your cat isn’t feeling well, spend some time each day studying his or her behavior. When you consistently observe your Bengal kitten, you’ll have no trouble telling when the cattitude is normal and when it is not.

  1.   Don’t Confuse Purrs

Purrs usually mean a cat is relaxed and happy, however it could also be a purr for help. Feel your Bengal kitten to see if he or she is sore or irritable in any places. Chances are if the kitten tries to play when you interact, then he or she is feeling well.

  1.   Spoil Your Bengal Kitten

If you suspect your Bengal kitten of acting strange, give your cat something he or she normally loves, like playtime or a special treat. If your kitten doesn’t react normally, it may just be in a lazy mood.

Check out this infographic, for more information on understanding Bengal cattitudes:


Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Should Bengal Cats be Spayed or Neutered?

Bengal KittensShould Bengal cats be spayed or neutered? If they’re not being used as a breeder, then yes.

Spaying and neutering pets in North America has been a widely accepted practice for more than six decades, but in recent times some questioned whether or not these procedures had negative effects on the cats.

Some of the questions raised over the years include: “Will it stunt my cat’s growth?”; “Will it make my cat fat?”; “Will my cat be less active because of having it done?” and, for the cat experts, “Will it increase the chances of my cat getting feline lower urinary tract disease?”

It turns out that spaying or neutering your Bengal cat, whether it’s a recently born kitten, or even an older cat, is perfectly fine and you don’t have to worry about any concerns.

In fact, spaying a female cat can help protect her from problems down the road, including uterine infections and mammary cancer. Additionally, spayed or neutered cats have a tendency to be easier to live with as pets; because they lose the motivation to reproduce, they lose some of their feisty aggression and become more docile.

At Destiny Bengals, we care about the kittens we sell to people; we sell Bengal kittens of breeder and/or show/breeder quality. All breeding cats sold by Destiny Bengals must be fixed when their breeder is no longer using them as a breeder.Bengal Kittens

Obviously, the best reason to spay or neuter your Bengal cat is that there are too many unwanted cats in shelters across the country. You help control the cat population by having the procedure performed on your pet. It’s an easy surgery and your cat will heal quickly.

Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic?

To say that any animal is truly hypoallergenic would be untrue. Some people just have less of an issue with certain cats, depending on their particular allergy level and the cat’s breed and coat type. While one person could be less allergic to a certain breed, that doesn’t mean that the situation is the same for someone else. However, most Bengal cat breeders would agree that Bengals will most often produce a reduced reaction or no reaction in those who are known to suffer from cat allergies.

The piece of the puzzle that causes most people to have the reactions that they do is dander. Made up of tiny bits of dried cat skin and dried saliva, dander can quickly travel throughout the home that both you and your cat reside in. This then leads to itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion, rashes and more common symptoms of an allergic reaction.

One of the theories as to why Bengal cats may cause less allergic reactions is that Bengal cats have very short coats that require little to no maintenance. Typically, this means that a healthy Bengal cat will shed much less than other breeds with longer coats, keeping dander from spreading as easily throughout the home.

Additionally, a Bengal cat can maintain its coat with much less grooming on its own part. Anyone who owns cats knows that the self-grooming process consists of the cat using its tongue, which is how the saliva makes its way onto the dried skin particles. Less saliva means less dander.

Though most individuals seem to have little to no problem being around a Bengal cat, it is always a good idea to spend some time with one before deciding to bring one home permanently. If it turns out that your allergies are a non-issue, give Destiny Bengals a call and consider your options from one of the top Bengal cat breeders in Florida.

Just a Few Days Old!

We’ve got a few newborns on our hands here at Destiny Bengal! Just a few days ago, Showdown and Most Wanted welcomed a litter of three top quality Bengal kittens and we’re confident that our best male has done some of his best work yet. At such an extremely young age, all three of these kittens are already showing signs of being of great breeding quality.

Our female Bengal cat, Showdown, has a very clear, tight coat with an even better personality to match. With all of the terrific litters Most Wanted has given us in the past, we’re sure you all know by now just what makes him so special. Not only does he have the best rosettes we’ve seen in a very long time, but he is just the biggest sweetheart as well.

It will be about three weeks before we can put pictures of the new litter up on our “Kittens Available” page but be sure to keep checking back to get a glimpse at the new Bengal kittens for sale here at Destiny Bengals!

Exciting Arrivals to Come!

Any day now, Destiny Bengals will be expecting the arrival of two new litters – adding to the few remaining Bengal Kittens for Sale we have here. One of these litters will be bred from Showdown and Most Wanted while the other will come from Rio and Most Wanted. As you can imagine, we are very excited for both arrivals as Most Wanted is our best and most popular male Bengal Cats.

With more than a decade of service behind us as a top Bengal Cat Breeder in Florida, Destiny Bengals has seen few cats as special as Most Wanted. As a very big male, Most Wanted has great contrast and the best rosettes we have seen in a long time. With his kindness and love for being handled however, we’d have to say that his best quality would have to be his personality. He truly is one remarkable male.

Without a doubt, we’re sure that the Bengal Kittens from each of these pairings will come away with their fair share of Most Wanted’s greatest qualities. With his personality alone, any of these kittens are sure to make for a perfect family pet.

While we cannot yet provide pictures of our soon-to-be Bengal Kittens for Sale, please feel free to visit the Adults page of our website to view pictures and read brief descriptions of their Bengal Cat parents. Deposits for these particular kittens are already being accepted now so give us a call today and ensure that one of these sure-to-be gorgeous kittens comes home to you soon!

New Bengal Kittens Available!

On July 19th, we here at Destiny Bengals welcomed two new Bengal Kittens to our Florida based cattery. Parented by Autumn and Gangster, these kittens are sure to be very popular as it seems that they both have gotten some of the best qualities from each of their parents.

As the daughter of Holiday and Most Wanted, Autumn is one of the best looking Bengal Cats we have seen come out of Destiny Bengals. She has wonderful color, a fantastic tight coat and very deep contrast. Though physical appearance aside, Autumn is also a very sweet cat and absolutely loves to be held.

As the second half of this equation, Gangster is also an extremely sweet and friendly cat – it’s actually one of his best qualities! Also similar to Autumn, Gangster has wonderful contrast, which is paired with some of the best looking rosettes of all our cats.

One male and one female have come from this pairing and we believe that with all the fantastic qualities of their parents considered, either one would be a joy to have in any home. You can view these Bengal Kittens for Sale on the Available Kittens page of our website right now. Then be sure to contact us to find out how you can bring one of these beautiful kittens home to you and your family today!

New Additions!

On June 28th, Destiny Bengals in Florida welcomed a few new additions thanks to SummerBrees and Gangster. We invite you to visit the Available Kittens page of our site to see more pictures of these three new Bengal Kittens for Sale and find out if any of them look like the newest member of your own family!

Currently we have one male and two female Bengal Kittens available from this litter but with their bloodline, we’re sure they’ll find homes quickly. As we’ve mentioned in the past, we’ve been breeding for 15 years and have never come as close to perfection as we have with SummerBrees. She’s sweet, large and has the most beautifully outlined black rosettes we’ve ever seen – and the looks of it, a couple of kittens from this litter have a lot of their mother’s great genes!

But with both parents having such incredible features, it was never a question that these Bengal Kittens would come out looking gorgeous. Gangster is an extremely sweet and friendly cat as well and one of the main things you’ll notice about him is that he has wonderful contrast.

So we’ve made it pretty obvious that both SummerBrees and Gangster are amazing Bengal Cats, with SummerBrees’ outstanding physical features and Gangster’s lovable personality, we’re sure that any one of these Bengal Kittens for Sale would make the perfect addition to your family. Feel free to take a look and if any seem to really spark your interest, we encourage you to give us a call and we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you take your dream kitten home as soon as possible!