You can Train Your Bengal Cat to Do Tricks! [Video]

jesse jamesBengal cats are one of the smartest breeds of cats, not only because they are a hybrid cat but also because they tend to be more active. They thrive in high active households, they like to be challenged and they enjoy pleasing their cat guardians.

Bengal cats are extremely trainable and you can train your to do tricks for you. One thing to remember is to never force your cat to do a trick, they will be resistant and then they will not cooperate with daily tasks. Also be prepared to reward your cat with treats. At first you will need to give a treat every time they perform, but as time goes on you can cut down the treats and just make a fun game out of it.

Starting when your Bengal cat is a kitten is ideal but even older cats can learn new tricks. Here are a few basic tricks or commands you can try with you Bengal cat:

1. Come- This command is not just awe inspiring from the visitors that come to your house, but it is also a safety concern. If you can teach your cat to come on command you are more likely to keep them safe if they were walking into a dangerous situation.

To teach this trick start with a very close distance of 4- 5 inches and give a treat every time they complete the task. Then after 4-5 successful tries you can more back further and start again. After a few weeks you can train your cat to come when you are in a different room.

2. Stay- This will come in handy when your Bengal wants to greet all your guests but your guests don’t want to be greeted. To do this you will need to be quick with the rewards at first. Give the command and if your cat stays give them a treat immediately. Then slowly increase the time until they are staying or longer than 30 seconds.

3. Closing a door-This may seem like a more advanced task but it is simple just like the others. Start with a target on a piece of paper and give the command. Every time your cat touches the paper with their head give a treat. After they get the hang of this put the target on a door and give the command, now you have a cat that closes doors.


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Destiny’s Bengals Welcomes 4 New Bengal Kittens!


Born January 5th, 2014

bengal cats for sale - bengal kittens

SummerBreeze and Gangster had a litter earlier this month. On January 5th, we welcomed four new spotted kittens of high quality. When you bring home your new Bengal kitty, be sure to follow our blog for helpful tips and great ideas for spoiling your Bengal cat.

One of the first things you’ll want to do for your Bengal kitten is give it a place to run and jump free. A great idea is to build a few condos for your Bengal kitty.

How to Build a Bengal Cat Condo

Your Bengal kitten will love to scratch (at things they’re supposed to scratch), hide, climb, and conquer tower after tower in your home. To a Bengal cat, a “tower” could be anything from a TV stand to the fridge; Bengal cats love to climb on things. Many kitten owners will purchase a pre-fabricated cat condo, which is fine.

However, your Bengal kitten deserves to be a little spoiled when it comes to having a place to call his own. Bengal cats are smart, which means they get bored of the bland and uninteresting quite quickly. Instead of purchasing a cat condo that your Bengal cat might lose interest in, consider learning how to make varying condos. This way, you can alternate the different condos for your Bengal cat (or cats), providing the ultimate excitement and happiness. has two great tutorials for building a condo for your Bengal kitten. The first, How to Build a Cat Condo, shows you how to do it using carpet tubes and a drill. This is a great option for anyone who is handy with tools or might be familiar with fun DIY projects. The second tutorial, found here, shows you how to make a cat condo out of cardboard. It’s no secret that Bengal cats love cardboard boxes above all else, so this is the perfect, yet inexpensive and easy, way to make a secret cove for your Bengal Kitty.

Whichever style you choose, remember to make several styles, perhaps two or three. This way, you can replace them as your Bengal cat begins to lose interest. After a few weeks, you can re-introduce this condo to your Bengal kitten, and the excitement will happen all over again.


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Adorable Stocking Stuffers for Bengal Kittens

The greatest joy in the world is obtaining a new furry companion. The second greatest is purchasing toys and gifts for your new pet. Bengal Kittens are unique and are as interesting as they are beautiful. Complex little felines, Bengal Cats deserve only the best kitty stocking stuffers!

Great stocking stuffers for your Bengal Cat:

Cat Nip Candy Canes

Cat Nip is a harmless mint that causes some Bengal cat’s behaviors to change. It’s not habit forming and it makes for a great playtime for the kitties. Not all Bengal cats have a reaction to cat nip however, so be sure to include a different special treat just in case. And, these Cat Nip Candy Canes are just too adorable!

Jingle Kitty Bells

Bengal kittens love to hear bells, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than including Jingle bells for toys and to attach to collars!

A Festive Holiday Collar

Speaking of holiday collars, pick up an assortment of holiday themed collars so that your Bengal kitty can celebrate in style!

Teaser Toys

Mouse teasers are a Bengal Kitty favorite! Look at pet stores for a festive Mouse Teaser Toy

Catnip Bubbles

Catnip Bubbles are a safe, adorable activity for Bengal Kittens. Playing with the bubbles and smelling cat nip as the bubbles pop is sure to be a raging delight for your Bengal Cat.

Homemade Treats

Think cat cookies or other cat-friendly baked goods! Most Bengal Cats aren’t used to handmade food from their owners; treat your little friend to a special treat!

Cat Clothes

Check out sites like CAT-toure for adorable, functional clothing for your Bengal Cat!



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Five Ways to Make Your Bengal Cat Happy

Bengal KittensYour Bengal kitten is a good-natured feline, who will return your love unconditionally. This breed makes the perfect pet because Bengal cats exude an exotic look, yet they’re very domesticated and loveable.

Bengal cats require a lot of attention, which is perfect for those who love to cuddle with their pets. Their behavior and love make them amazing pets.

Bengal cats are very smart, which means they like to invent new games and figure this out. When you’re looking for new ways to play with your Bengal cat, consider some of tips below, which are sure to make your companion happy.

Make a “Kitty” Pool
The Bengal cat is domestic, but it has feral tendencies when it’s playtime. They love water, and are great swimmers. If the weather permits, use a child size shallow pool and put toys in it.

Create a High Perch
Bengal cats love to jump high and perch in high, hard-to-reach places; it makes them feel proud.

Give Your Bengal Cat Space
No not from you, don’t worry. Cuddle your Bengal kitty as much as you like, he or she will love you for it. Keep spaces free by keeping doors open and ensuring the room is clear from clutter and debris.

Let Your Bengal Cat Watch
Your kitten will love to know what you’re doing. If you’re busy and can’t play, set your Bengal cat up to be around you.

Rotate Toys
Because Bengal cats are smart, they could get bored with some toys quickly. If you rotate them, the kitten will miss the toy and become excited for it the next time it’s around.


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Ten Ways to Spoil Your Bengal Kitten

Spoil Your Bengal KittenOccasionally, you’ll want to do something extra for your companion; it’s natural. Maybe your Bengal kitten is adjusting to new food and he or she doesn’t feel well, or maybe you want to reward good behavior. Regardless of your motive, we won’t stop you from spoiling your pal. In fact, we have a few tips for spoiling your new Bengal cat.

1.  Walk your Bengal Kitten
Bengal cats are highly active and energetic, so they love going for walks; be sure to get a strong and safe harness for your Bengal kitty.

2.  Make Bath Time Less Stressful
Even though Bengal cats can occasionally enjoy water, most don’t enjoy bath time, ever. OUT is a cat-bathing wipe that cleans the Bengal kitty without upsetting your pet.

3.  Give Excess Attention
He or she will want as much attention as you can possibly give, so be ready for ubiquitous kitty love.

4.  Prime Real Estate
Give your Bengal Kitten a designated play area, including a big, cozy place to sleep. A cat bed near a window is usually ideal.

5.  Special Treats/Meals
Let your Bengal cat sip milk or snack on a special treat.

6.  Play Nature Sounds
Help your Bengal cat get in touch with natural instincts by playing nature sounds, like birds, wind, and thunderstorms.

7.  Dry Blankets
When your Bengal kitten looks sleepy, spoil your friend by throwing his or her blankets in the dryer for a few minutes. Let your cat rest on the hot, cozy pile of dry blankets.

8.  Pet Vacation
What’s not so far for you is distant for your Bengal cat. Grab a harness and go to an unfamiliar walking location. Your kitty will feel like he or she is on a vacation

9.  Brush your Kitty
Bengal cats love attention, especially petting and massages. Make brushing time more of a massage and bonding experience and your kitty will love it!

10. Make a Jungle Gym
Think about the coolest babysitter, it’s the one who makes the fort. Do the same for your cat. Put together different (safe) obstacles and jumping platforms, create a fun environment where your Bengal cat can be a cat.


Should Bengal Cats be Spayed or Neutered?

Bengal KittensShould Bengal cats be spayed or neutered? If they’re not being used as a breeder, then yes.

Spaying and neutering pets in North America has been a widely accepted practice for more than six decades, but in recent times some questioned whether or not these procedures had negative effects on the cats.

Some of the questions raised over the years include: “Will it stunt my cat’s growth?”; “Will it make my cat fat?”; “Will my cat be less active because of having it done?” and, for the cat experts, “Will it increase the chances of my cat getting feline lower urinary tract disease?”

It turns out that spaying or neutering your Bengal cat, whether it’s a recently born kitten, or even an older cat, is perfectly fine and you don’t have to worry about any concerns.

In fact, spaying a female cat can help protect her from problems down the road, including uterine infections and mammary cancer. Additionally, spayed or neutered cats have a tendency to be easier to live with as pets; because they lose the motivation to reproduce, they lose some of their feisty aggression and become more docile.

At Destiny Bengals, we care about the kittens we sell to people; we sell Bengal kittens of breeder and/or show/breeder quality. All breeding cats sold by Destiny Bengals must be fixed when their breeder is no longer using them as a breeder.Bengal Kittens

Obviously, the best reason to spay or neuter your Bengal cat is that there are too many unwanted cats in shelters across the country. You help control the cat population by having the procedure performed on your pet. It’s an easy surgery and your cat will heal quickly.

How to Take Care of a Bengal Kitten

Bengal CatThe beautiful Bengal is not only unique but an extremely entertaining breed of kitten. These felines make a great companion and are a wonderful addition to your household. Here are a few tips on how to care for your new Bengal kitten:

Feeding your Feline – We advise feeding your cat in moderation. They enjoy all natural dry and wet food; however, occasional dinner scraps won’t do your kitten any harm. Also, you should make sure that whether it’s from a dish or the faucet, your Bengal gets enough water. Wild Bengals are used to drinking out of streams so your cat will love to drink running water from the tub!

Litter Box Living – Bengals love their privacy so when purchasing your kitten’s litter box, make sure it has high edging. In fact, the higher the better! Bengals are able to jump up to three times their height so don’t worry about them struggling to get inside. If the edge is real low, Bengals tend to “leak” outside of the box which isn’t a fun clean-up for you.

Fabulous Fur – Bengals love to have their hair brushed! By brushing your Bengal, you are helping them get rid of their shedding fur and preventing their fur from getting matted. When it comes to bathing your kitten, make sure you use cat safe shampoo. Use warm water and shower them all over but be careful not to get anything in their eyes. After their bath, towel dry them in the direction of their fur. Then, let them take care of the rest. They will finish bathing themselves for hours!

Feathers, Lasers, Mice … oh my! – Playing with your kitten is extremely important. They love to mess around and are very entertaining. They enjoy anything that moves. Bengals love to chase laser pointers around the floor or a feather toy that is attached to a string. They’ll pounce at these objects as if they were alive – which is also very fun for you to watch! You can also throw a catnip mouse across the room and watch your Bengal bring it back to you proudly!