Holiday Safety for Cats

Christmas Bengal KittenAs Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, we humans will be busy decorating our homes, searching for new recipes and shopping for presents. During all this hustle and bustle, our cats have plenty of opportunities to get into mischief while exploring all the exciting new additions to the home. Here at Destiny Bengals, we recommend taking some extra precautions while preparing for the holiday season this year, to ensure that you and your kitten have a safe and happy winter together.


Although your furry friend probably loves the occasional house guest, a crowded room full of strangers may leave them a bit nervous. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas brunch, we recommend setting up a quiet, cozy area where your cat can escape from the festivities if they become stressed. Place their litter box, bed and some of their favorite toys in a quiet room away from the party area to provide them a place to relax and nap away from the crowd.


Inquisitive in nature, cats are quickly attracted to the Christmas tree, strands of lights and decorative items placed about your house throughout the holiday months. As you begin decorating this year, we recommend placing your tree securely in its stand and using fishing line to keep it from falling. When decorating the tree, remember to place glass ornaments high on the tree where you cat will not be able to reach them.

For families who love the look of tinsel, we recommend choosing an alternative like garland. Bright and shiny, tinsel is extremely attractive to cats and can get caught in the digestive tract if swallowed. Also take care when placing lights around your home. Keep cords out of reach of pets to prevent electrical shock or burns, or use a product like Bitter Apple Spray to discourage chewing.

Poisonous Plants

When it comes to holiday plants, a few of our favorites can have some toxic effects on our furry friends. Holly leaves and berries can cause nausea and diarrhea, while mistletoe can lead to cardiovascular problems. Instead of including live plants in your Christmas arrangements, consider artificial plants or a cat-friendly option from the ASPCA’s list of non-toxic plants.

For more holiday safety tips for your Bengal kitten, visit Doctors Foster and Smith Pet Education and the ASPCA. Interested in adding a Bengal kitten to your family this holiday season? Visit Destiny Bengals online to view our available kittens. Contact us via email at or by phone at 561-295-5195 to learn more about our cats. We hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season!

How to Keep Bengal Cats Cool in Summer

Spoil Your Bengal Kitten

When the temperatures start raising our first instinct is to turn on the air conditioning, cats don’t have the thumbs to work your thermostat or air condition so you have to do the work for them. It can mean more than just making sure the heat is keep down. Your Bengal cat depends on you to have a regulated temperature in the house, they need it to survive. Due to them having a dark coat they can be more susceptible to overheating or becoming too warm.

Keeping the temp down in your home will be the first task to help your Bengal stay nice and cool, but there are other things you can do to ensure they stay cool. Make sure they have access to clean fresh water, they will be to have this at all times, if they are feeling warm or parched they need to have water to cool them down.

Also be careful where you allow you Bengal to roam. They may not appreciate you paved enclosed patio as much when the scorching sun is burning it up and making their feet hurt. Like mentioned before you need to watch out for signs of heatstroke or overheating in your Bengal, the signs include acting listless or disoriented after spending an extended amount of time in the sun. If you see any signs or symptoms of your cat feeling ill, call the vet right away, things can progress quickly if not taken care of.

Make sure you keep your kitty cool and comfortable this summer, they like to keep your lap warm and toasty in the winter. It’s the least you can to return the favor.

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5 Signs You Need a Bengal Cat

Bengal Kittens
You know you are willing to commit to a cat for the next 18+ years. You know that a cat is a big part of your future, but how do you know which cat is best for you? It all comes down to personality and lifestyle, of course. Read the five signs that you need a Bengal Cat and be sure to check out our new litter!

You are Unique:

Bengal cats are perfect for the person who loves to be unique. They are unlike any other cat. Bengal cats love water and they are very playful and affectionate.

 You are Energetic:

Your Bengal cat will let you know when he or she wants playtime, and you may get a decent work out from it.

You Love Exotic Things and Feral Animals:

Bred form a mix of a domestic house cat and an Asian leopard, the Bengal cat is adorable with exotic spots and a beautiful, shimmery coat.

You want a loving companion:

Bengal cats will surprise you with playtime or a loving cuddle session. Either way, your Bengal cat will take as much care of you as you do of him or her.

You Love Laughing:

Your Bengal kitty will be happy and playful, making you laugh often. You may come in and find your Bengal cat sitting on top of your cupboards, or playing in a silly position on the ground. You’ll never know until you adopt your very own Bengal kitten.


Should Bengal Cats be Spayed or Neutered?

Bengal KittensShould Bengal cats be spayed or neutered? If they’re not being used as a breeder, then yes.

Spaying and neutering pets in North America has been a widely accepted practice for more than six decades, but in recent times some questioned whether or not these procedures had negative effects on the cats.

Some of the questions raised over the years include: “Will it stunt my cat’s growth?”; “Will it make my cat fat?”; “Will my cat be less active because of having it done?” and, for the cat experts, “Will it increase the chances of my cat getting feline lower urinary tract disease?”

It turns out that spaying or neutering your Bengal cat, whether it’s a recently born kitten, or even an older cat, is perfectly fine and you don’t have to worry about any concerns.

In fact, spaying a female cat can help protect her from problems down the road, including uterine infections and mammary cancer. Additionally, spayed or neutered cats have a tendency to be easier to live with as pets; because they lose the motivation to reproduce, they lose some of their feisty aggression and become more docile.

At Destiny Bengals, we care about the kittens we sell to people; we sell Bengal kittens of breeder and/or show/breeder quality. All breeding cats sold by Destiny Bengals must be fixed when their breeder is no longer using them as a breeder.Bengal Kittens

Obviously, the best reason to spay or neuter your Bengal cat is that there are too many unwanted cats in shelters across the country. You help control the cat population by having the procedure performed on your pet. It’s an easy surgery and your cat will heal quickly.