The Pros of Owning a an Adorable Bengal Cat

Bengal Cats Have you been thinking about getting a pet for your family? Cats are a great choice, and Bengal cats in particular are an excellent option for those who are looking for the ideal family cat. Bengal cats are very sweet and loving creatures that will provide you and your family with affection and keep you entertained at all times. There will never be a dull moment when you have a Bengal cat in your home! Check out some of the advantages of going with a Bengal cat below.

Bengal cats are adorable.

Bengal cats have a unique look to them. Their coats are typically marbled or spotted, and they are also very soft and cuddly. Although they are domesticated, they look like some of the exotic cats that you might find out in nature. When you have a Bengal cat, you will find that guests in your home will be blown away by their beauty. They have a one-of-a-kind look that you simply won’t get with other cats.

Bengal cats are intelligent.

Most cats are very smart, but Bengal cats are some of the most intelligent cats in the world. If you provide them with complicated toys, they will often spend hours figuring them out. You can even teach your Bengal cat how to play games like fetch that are usually reserved for dogs. You will need to engage your Bengal cat at all times to keep it out of trouble, but you won’t have any problem doing it when you realize how much fun it can be to own one.

Bengal cats are great with kids and other pets.

Bengal cats love to be stimulated, which means they will enjoy playing with your kids and any other pets that you have in your home. They love getting lots of attention, so they won’t have any problem fitting right in with the members of your family. They will want to get as close to all of you as possible. It won’t take long for everyone to fall in love with your new Bengal cat.

Does a Bengal cat sound like the perfect family pet for you? Destiny Bengals specializes in providing people with Bengal cats and kittens. Call us at 561-295-5195 today to hear about how you can add a Bengal cat to your household.

How to Keep Your Cat Active and Healthy

Bengal Cats“The thrill of the chase” comes to mind when thinking about cats. It’s the excitement they feel trying to find something, like a toy mouse (or a real rodent) scampering about the floor. Cats thrive on the thrill of the chase and when they don’t have that, they can get bored, lethargic, and overweight.

We have to remember that even though pet cats seem gentle and tame, many centuries ago they ran wild and they still have some of that wild nature in their blood.

Give a cat a mouse to chase and they couldn’t be happier. It’s quite healthy for a cat to chase and catch a mouse. If and when they do, they’ll present it to their owner as a present. They feel accomplished. It’s good for their sense of emotional well-being and physical accomplishment.

Perhaps we pet owners have made life too easy for today’s cats. They don’t have to hunt and catch their food. It’s put out in bowls for them on a daily basis. It’s plentiful. They can eat as much as they want. It’s no wonder, then, that some pet cats today are overweight.

Interestingly, some people are using “food puzzles” to challenge cats to get their food. This helps get them moving and thinking, so they have to do some work to eat. This is a good thing. Simple food puzzles can involve cups, tunnels and other shaped objects whereas a cat has to, for instance, move the puzzle around in order to get food to fall out through small holes. This challenge gives them a thrill and research published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery confirms it: cats are happier and healthier if you make them work for their food.

Remember, cats were/are naturally predatory. In the old days they needed to hunt daily just to survive. Their instinct is to hunt, so human owners should afford them every chance to do just that.

What Can You Do To Help Your Cat When Moving to a New Home?

Moving With CatsCats are a lot like people. They’re diverse in temperament. Some can be easily bothered, highly sensitive to change, and skittish. Others don’t seem to care– at all–about things that bother their peers.

The majority of cats who make a move to a new home are like the majority of people– they need some time to make the mental and physical adjustments to their new environment. There may be some hiding and awkward nights, but that’s not unusual for pets…or their owners.

Just like you’d want to show a child extra special attention to help make a move to a new home as comfortable as could be, try that with your pet cat. Don’t be afraid to pamper them with extra treats and show them more attention than normal.

If you’re going to have a house full of cardboard boxes, put out a few before the moving starts so the cat gets used to seeing them around.

On the day of the move, put your cat into a secure spot where they won’t be distracted by all the chaos of moving; it should be a spot where they’re comfortable and you can easily find them when you want to check on them. Perhaps leave them in a familiar room for much of the moving day, with their water and food available. Close the door so they don’t wander.

When it comes time to actually take them from one home to another, place cats in transport carriers so they don’t accidentally run away and/or get lost the day of the big move. Cats like to roam, but they also like the security of confined spaces, too.

At the new house, put out all the cat stuff they had at the other home, such as their litter box, scratching post, bed and toys. These familiar objects will help make your pet feel more at home in the new place. Start them off in just one room of the new house and every couple days open up more doors for them to explore more rooms. This way it’s not too overwhelming.

The Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

Owning a CatDestiny Bengals breeds beautiful Bengal kittens. These loving and docile felines make loyal, loving pets. It’s no wonder so many people have cats like Bengals for pets. Cats are excellent companions who brighten up the daily lives of millions of people around the world with their playful and loving actions.

Why have a cat? Well, for starters, they can improve your overall quality of life. A cat becomes a member of your family– you look forward to seeing your cat and spending time with him or her, just like you would a son or daughter.

Cats make good companions. Sure, many people “think” cats are anti-social or distant when it comes to being around people, but that’s a myth. Ask cat owners and you’ll discover that they love when their cat cuddles up on their lap during a cold winter’s night. They’ll probably want to show you a “cute cat video” of their cat or someone else’s, because cat videos are quite entertaining. Cats don’t require that you walk them (like dogs do) but they do enjoy a little exercise now and then. Therefore, you can play with them, tossing around a toy mouse, for example. It’s so fun to watch cats scamper about the room chasing rolling or moving objects!

It has been said that cats are important to their owners, especially the elderly or those who don’t have a spouse or anyone else living in their home, because cats are something to nurture. Taking care of a living being gives many adults and kids a sense of greater purpose in their lives. After all, cats depend on their owners in order to live.

Finally, owning a cat can lower your stress levels considerably, especially when you pet them with your hand and they start to purr. Cats seem to help people heal from their injuries– having them around brings the sick and injured extra comfort, and helps take their mind off their own problems.

If you would like to know more about Destiny Bengals, breeder of Bengal kittens, please email today. Bengals make great cats.

Destiny’s Bengals Welcomes 4 New Bengal Kittens!


Born January 5th, 2014

bengal cats for sale - bengal kittens

SummerBreeze and Gangster had a litter earlier this month. On January 5th, we welcomed four new spotted kittens of high quality. When you bring home your new Bengal kitty, be sure to follow our blog for helpful tips and great ideas for spoiling your Bengal cat.

One of the first things you’ll want to do for your Bengal kitten is give it a place to run and jump free. A great idea is to build a few condos for your Bengal kitty.

How to Build a Bengal Cat Condo

Your Bengal kitten will love to scratch (at things they’re supposed to scratch), hide, climb, and conquer tower after tower in your home. To a Bengal cat, a “tower” could be anything from a TV stand to the fridge; Bengal cats love to climb on things. Many kitten owners will purchase a pre-fabricated cat condo, which is fine.

However, your Bengal kitten deserves to be a little spoiled when it comes to having a place to call his own. Bengal cats are smart, which means they get bored of the bland and uninteresting quite quickly. Instead of purchasing a cat condo that your Bengal cat might lose interest in, consider learning how to make varying condos. This way, you can alternate the different condos for your Bengal cat (or cats), providing the ultimate excitement and happiness. has two great tutorials for building a condo for your Bengal kitten. The first, How to Build a Cat Condo, shows you how to do it using carpet tubes and a drill. This is a great option for anyone who is handy with tools or might be familiar with fun DIY projects. The second tutorial, found here, shows you how to make a cat condo out of cardboard. It’s no secret that Bengal cats love cardboard boxes above all else, so this is the perfect, yet inexpensive and easy, way to make a secret cove for your Bengal Kitty.

Whichever style you choose, remember to make several styles, perhaps two or three. This way, you can replace them as your Bengal cat begins to lose interest. After a few weeks, you can re-introduce this condo to your Bengal kitten, and the excitement will happen all over again.


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Health Benefits of Owning a Cat: 5 Reasons to Buy A Bengal Kitten

Bengal KittensResearch shows that there are in fact health benefits of owning a cat. Here is our list of the top five health benefits of having a cat:

1. Natural Mood Enhancers– After spending just a few minutes with a cat, you immediately begin to feel less anxious and stressed

2. Good for your Heart– Research shows that owning a cat can actually protect your heart. One study revealed that people who never owned a cat “were 40% more likely to die of a heart attack than those who had.”

3. Help Fight Depression– Pets give unconditional love better than anyone or anything, which is one reason therapists have prescribed pets as a “way of dealing with and recovering from depression.”

4. Asthma Prevention– Research shows that infants in homes with cats “were significantly less likely to develop asthma as they got older.”

Bengal Cats

5. Fewer Strokes among Cat Owners– Studies show “cat owners have fewer strokes than people who don’t own cats.” There is speculation this may be due to the idea that cats have a calming effect on people, more so than other animals.

For us here at Destiny Bengals, this research just reinforces how much we love cats. Cats are not only wonderful pets to have around, but the health benefits of this creature are truly amazing. These are just a few reasons to buy a kitten, and there is no kitten cuter than an exotic Bengal kitten.

Just this week, Destiny Bengals welcomed two new Bengal kitten litters to the family! Both litters were born on Monday, January 21, 2013.

Gangster has once again proven to be a stud, fathering both litters. Our sweet mothers Sunrise and Autumn, each gave birth to three spotted kittens.

Please contact Destiny Bengals for information about our kittens for sale. We also have one kitten left from the litter of SummerBrees and Gangster.

(Source: WebMD)

Destiny Bengals Welcomes A New Bengal Cat Stud to our Family!

Destiny Bengals New Stud for Kitten BreederWith the New Year quickly approaching, we are proud to introduce our latest addition to the Destiny Bengals family. Welcome our newest male to the pack, Kanpur Smoken Gun! We have great confidence that Smoken Gun will be producing wonderful Bengal kittens for us in 2013.

A great addition to our other stud, Most Wanted, we now have two of the best studs that will create a fine blend with our queens for high quality Bengal kittens. Where Most Wanted has great rosetting, which are spots of different colors, Smoken Gun has jet black spots all over his body.

Bengal Kitten Stud

If you are unfamiliar with the Bengal cat breed, Bengal cats are “a hybrid breed of domestic cat. Bengals result from crossing a domestic feline with an Asian leopard cat.” Although their name and wild appearance portray a different picture, their temperament is actually quite gentle. (Source: Wikipedia)

Smoken Gun, The Bengal Kitten Stud

Check back for the pictures of our newest litter of Bengal kittens! SummerBrees and Gangster are proud parents of this new litter born today! We stand by each one of our exotic kittens; we know that you will love them as much as we do!

Post by Glenn Mustapick of Destiny Bengals