Adorable Stocking Stuffers for Bengal Kittens

The greatest joy in the world is obtaining a new furry companion. The second greatest is purchasing toys and gifts for your new pet. Bengal Kittens are unique and are as interesting as they are beautiful. Complex little felines, Bengal Cats deserve only the best kitty stocking stuffers!

Great stocking stuffers for your Bengal Cat:

Cat Nip Candy Canes

Cat Nip is a harmless mint that causes some Bengal cat’s behaviors to change. It’s not habit forming and it makes for a great playtime for the kitties. Not all Bengal cats have a reaction to cat nip however, so be sure to include a different special treat just in case. And, these Cat Nip Candy Canes are just too adorable!

Jingle Kitty Bells

Bengal kittens love to hear bells, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than including Jingle bells for toys and to attach to collars!

A Festive Holiday Collar

Speaking of holiday collars, pick up an assortment of holiday themed collars so that your Bengal kitty can celebrate in style!

Teaser Toys

Mouse teasers are a Bengal Kitty favorite! Look at pet stores for a festive Mouse Teaser Toy

Catnip Bubbles

Catnip Bubbles are a safe, adorable activity for Bengal Kittens. Playing with the bubbles and smelling cat nip as the bubbles pop is sure to be a raging delight for your Bengal Cat.

Homemade Treats

Think cat cookies or other cat-friendly baked goods! Most Bengal Cats aren’t used to handmade food from their owners; treat your little friend to a special treat!

Cat Clothes

Check out sites like CAT-toure for adorable, functional clothing for your Bengal Cat!



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Written by Destiny Bengals

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