Advice for Introducing a New Kitten to Your Dog

introducing Bengal kitten to a puppyWhen introducing your new Bengal kitten to your home’s canine resident, it is important for the first few meetings to go well. Getting pets used to each other’s company can take some time, and all animals will react differently to each other. Until you are sure your dog and kitten can be left alone together, keep them in separate rooms when you aren’t around. Also remember to keep litter boxes somewhere that your dog cannot reach, since many dogs will try to eat cat feces and litter.

Once your kitten has become comfortable with you and adjusted to a room in your home, give your dog a chance to meet her. To keep your cat from getting frightened and your dog from getting too excited, we recommend putting up a baby gate at the door of the room the cat is staying in. Walk you dog by the room, giving him treats when he behaves calmly. Also toss a few treats into your kitten so she associates seeing your pup with a positive experience.

Before giving your furry friends a chance to meet without barriers, gauge your Bengal kitten’s reaction to the dog. If they run and hide, continue at this slow introductory pace until your kitten stays out in the open or approaches inquisitively when you and your canine companion walk by.

When your new cat begins to show interest in meeting your dog, bring them both into a big room where they can get to know each other up close. Put your dog on a leash and sit with him on the opposite side of the room as the door so your kitten has the opportunity to leave if she gets scared. Reward both animals for good behavior and continue this laid back meeting process until the two animals are comfortable and well behaved around each other.

Cats and dogs can become great friends, especially when the cat is introduced to dogs at a young age. A laid back dog who is not much of a chaser will also make friendship more likely. Take things slow and let your pets get to know each other at their own pace. Remain positive and calm throughout all interactions and the pets will follow your lead. Learn more introductory advice with the ASPCA.

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