The Intelligence of the Bengal Cat

intelligent bengalsBengal cats rank very highly over other domestic cats when it comes to intelligence. Considered by Bengal cat lovers and experts, the Border Collie of cats- the Border Collie being considered the most intelligent among Canine breeds- Bengals are thought to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds around.

Bengals are great listeners, fast learners, and are more than able to figure things out for themselves.

Unlike many domestic cat breeds, the Bengal thinks in a more detailed manner. For example, most cats learn where their food and treats are stored in the home, but Bengals know the difference between food stored in the cupboards and food stored in the refrigerator. They are able to assess that one is better than the other, in their minds. They will note that the humans eat from the refrigerator and they get what’s in the cupboard, while the average cat will simply hang around you and beg for anything you may be handing out.

Because Bengals appear to be able to actually make decisions and communicate preferences, they stand out among other cats in the home. A Bengal will know how and where to seek out the warmest place in the home if it’s a bit chilly in the house. Most domestic cats lie wherever they are used to lying, no matter the temperature. A Bengal also knows when it wants to play and how to communicate this fact. The average domestic cat may just wait for a ball to show up, or better yet enjoy play time in a paper bag. The Bengal will drag a ball or toy over to its owner when it feels like having play time.

It is much more difficult to trick a Bengal than most other cats. If they find a way to get out of the yard through a low spot under the fence, or find a way to get into their favorite cabinet because they have noticed that the lock or hinge is broken, even if you cover the low spot under the fence and place a new lock on their favorite cabinet, they will still go back to the exact same locations just to check things out.

Bengals seem to know what they are doing and why. While many cat breeds function out of habit, if a Bengal sees that you have moved his/her snacks to a different closet, you won’t find them lurking around the old location. Bengals know exactly what’s going on.

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