Bengal Cat Myths- Debunked!

bengal myths

There are many misconceived notions about Bengal cats, ranging from their personalities to their behaviors. Here are the top five myths about Bengal cats that simply aren’t true:

  1. Bengal cats are wild and destructive, and they will destroy your home. Just like any other cat, they have been known to misbehave from time to time. Many think that Bengals are more likely to act out on primitive behavior. Nope, sorry. Bengal cats are well behaved, especially with the proper training. Bengals are pretty energetic so they will want to play, but they are not vicious or destructive cats.
  2. Bengal cats are not cuddly or lap cats. This isn’t true. Some cats like to sit in laps all the time, but Bengals are going to be wherever the action is. Bengal cats have been known to greet people at the door, and will even follow people around as they go. Bengals on many occasions tend to be cuddlier than other breeds of cats.
  3. Bengal cats are related to the Bengal Tiger. The name of the Bengal cat is actually Prionailurus bengalensis, which is actually the Latin name for Asian Leopard Cat.
  4. Bengals are more aggressive than other types of cats. They are no more aggressive than your domesticated kitty. All breeds of cats need to be well socialized from the time they are young, and if you do, your cat regardless of the breed will play well with others.
  5. Bengal cats can cause allergic reactions. In reality, there are people who have reported not having reactions to Bengals, when they have had reactions to other cats. While it would be hard to say that any animal is completely hypoallergenic, those with cat allergies have had better luck with Bengal cats than other breeds of cats.

Do Bengal Cats Shed?

bengal cats shed

Cats are lovable creatures and it’s pretty hard to find anything negative about them, until you’ve met a cat that sheds like there’s no tomorrow. If you love the idea of happy playful kitten, but are turned off at thought of cat hair taking over your life, you’d love the companion of a Bengal cat. Since they’re linked to Asian leopard cats, they have a thick pelt, not necessarily a thin fur coat. It will occasionally, and lightly, shed, but it’s nothing compared to the average amount of cat hair.

Some Bengal breeders will swear that Bengal cats never shed, while some admit that Bengals shed, albeit very lightly. Regardless of the reviews, you can always go by the average Bengal cat you see and feel. The pelt feels very soft and doesn’t shed when you pet the Bengal kitty.

Grooming your Bengal cat regularly will keep him or her happy, relaxed, and clean, and it can help reduce or even eradicate shedding. Regular bathing and proper shampooing will help promote the health and aesthetics of the Bengal kitty’s fur as well. Shedding is so minimal for these cats that you’re unlikely to notice it when they do lightly shed on things. It will take a Bengal cat much longer to cover clothing or furniture in hair, and shedding is so infrequent that it doesn’t have the time to build up into large piles.

The best thing is that most people with allergies don’t even have to avoid Bengal cats. Most allergies are caused by loose hair and dander, which are not an issue with Bengal kittens. Contact us to learn more about adopting a Bengal kitten today!

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