The Fascinating Personalities of Bengal Cats

Available female from Rio x Most Wanted.

Available female from Rio x Most Wanted.

The interest in Bengal cats has increased over the past few years, and it is easy to see why when you know the personality of a Bengal. Bengal cats are athletic and are usually very energetic felines, but they also are great family pets because they are social and love to cuddle. Almost all of my Bengal kitties have slept with me in my bed at night.


Some Bengal cats love to swim, as it was common for their ancestors to hunt in water. All of them like to leap and climb—they enjoy to watch the action from above—and from my experience, Bengal cats are fairly easy to leash train. Although I do suggest keeping your Bengal as an indoor cat, leashes are a great way to get them outside and keep them entertained.


My Bengals have been wonderfully intelligent, entertaining, and loyal pets. I sometimes say that Bengals are like potato chips—it’s hard to take just one! Whether you want another Bengal to be a companion for your first, or you’ve consistently chosen Bengals as your cat of choice, I know that you’ll be back for more. What do you think? Have your Bengals been especially excellent feline personalities?

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