5 Signs You Need a Bengal Cat

Bengal Kittens
You know you are willing to commit to a cat for the next 18+ years. You know that a cat is a big part of your future, but how do you know which cat is best for you? It all comes down to personality and lifestyle, of course. Read the five signs that you need a Bengal Cat and be sure to check out our new litter!

You are Unique:

Bengal cats are perfect for the person who loves to be unique. They are unlike any other cat. Bengal cats love water and they are very playful and affectionate.

 You are Energetic:

Your Bengal cat will let you know when he or she wants playtime, and you may get a decent work out from it.

You Love Exotic Things and Feral Animals:

Bred form a mix of a domestic house cat and an Asian leopard, the Bengal cat is adorable with exotic spots and a beautiful, shimmery coat.

You want a loving companion:

Bengal cats will surprise you with playtime or a loving cuddle session. Either way, your Bengal cat will take as much care of you as you do of him or her.

You Love Laughing:

Your Bengal kitty will be happy and playful, making you laugh often. You may come in and find your Bengal cat sitting on top of your cupboards, or playing in a silly position on the ground. You’ll never know until you adopt your very own Bengal kitten.