New Bengal Kittens Available from Autumn and Sunrise

Bengal Kitten for Sale

Autumn and Sunrise recently birthed a new litter of Bengal Kittens for us to love and welcome. If you do not already know, Bengal cats are amazingly beautiful, and they behave unlike any other cat. These fun little felines are the perfect option for animal lovers who want a pet with a big personality.

Coming from a fun, exotic mix of domestic felines and an Asian Leopards, Bengal cats are always extremely playful, funny, and unpredictable. With a playful and happy temperament, Bengal cats do so many things that will have you laughing and bonding with them instantly.

Browse through our photos of Autumn, Sunrise, and their new Bengal kittens. When considering if a adopting a new Bengal kitten is the right choice for you, consider some of the wonderful things these adorable felines do….

  • Bengal cats love to play in water. Sinks, bathtubs, and even puddles are a Bengal’s utopia.
  • Despite the feral ancestry, Bengal cats are loveable and extremely loyal to their owners.
  • Some Bengals have what’s called the “glitter” gene, which gives their coats a shimmering or glittery look.
  • Bengal cats love to climb, and we mean CLIMB. You’ll often find your Bengal cat in amusing locations, like on top of your refrigerator or cupboards.
  • Bengals are smart, so they require a challenge. If you provide your Bengal cat with puzzle toys, he or she will be easy to please; happy Bengal cats don’t get into mischief.