How to Relax Your New Bengal Kitten

Bengal Kitten for SaleIt’s always fun and exciting to bring a new animal into the home; but kittens will take time to adjust. Though it won’t take long for your Bengal kitten to warm up to you, it’s a good idea to make him or her feel comfortable during the process.

Depending on the household situation, the size of the family, kids, and other pets, this can happen pretty easily. With a lot of love, patience, and a few helpful tips to keep your kitten calm, cool, and collected, you and your kitten will enjoy many peaceful and fun years together.

It is highly important to get your kitten used to being around people and being handled, as soon as possible. Give your kitten a lot of care and attention, and be gentle when holding and playing with your new family member.

Every cat lover knows that kittens are prone to scratching any furniture they can get their little paws on; so being firm in the beginning is vital to a happy household and a well-behaved cat. A firm “No”, in the beginning will do the trick, as long as you are consistent. Remember that kittens are playful, so create spaces in the home where they can enjoy themselves.

If you have any precious pieces of furniture that you would rather your new kitten wouldn’t touch, there are gentle ways to train your kitten to stay off of the furniture. Help your kitten out by NOT leaving food on countertops, or tables. There are also motion detectors on the market today, that will gently spray your cat if it jumps on anything forbidden in the house.

Kittens love, and need to scratch, so provide them with places in the home where they can do so, and scratching posts where they can scratch in peace. Scratching is a natural part of who they are, and it helps to shed, trim, and also sharpen their claws. You can train them not to scratch certain surfaces by placing double stick tape on the surface. It’s a safe and gentle deterrent.

Most Importantly, give your new Bengal kitten, time and space. They will need time and the freedom to roam and become familiar with their new surroundings. If you let them roam freely, while making sure that they are safe, they will begin to feel comfortable quickly in their new home.


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