Five Ways to Make Your Bengal Cat Happy

Bengal KittensYour Bengal kitten is a good-natured feline, who will return your love unconditionally. This breed makes the perfect pet because Bengal cats exude an exotic look, yet they’re very domesticated and loveable.

Bengal cats require a lot of attention, which is perfect for those who love to cuddle with their pets. Their behavior and love make them amazing pets.

Bengal cats are very smart, which means they like to invent new games and figure this out. When you’re looking for new ways to play with your Bengal cat, consider some of tips below, which are sure to make your companion happy.

Make a “Kitty” Pool
The Bengal cat is domestic, but it has feral tendencies when it’s playtime. They love water, and are great swimmers. If the weather permits, use a child size shallow pool and put toys in it.

Create a High Perch
Bengal cats love to jump high and perch in high, hard-to-reach places; it makes them feel proud.

Give Your Bengal Cat Space
No not from you, don’t worry. Cuddle your Bengal kitty as much as you like, he or she will love you for it. Keep spaces free by keeping doors open and ensuring the room is clear from clutter and debris.

Let Your Bengal Cat Watch
Your kitten will love to know what you’re doing. If you’re busy and can’t play, set your Bengal cat up to be around you.

Rotate Toys
Because Bengal cats are smart, they could get bored with some toys quickly. If you rotate them, the kitten will miss the toy and become excited for it the next time it’s around.


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