Bengal Cat Proofing Your Home

Bengal Kittens Much like child proofing your home for a young baby, when you have a kitten or cat (or a few of them), it’s important to make sure your home is safe for them as well. Preparing your home for your new Bengal kitten is one of the first steps in creating a loving and safe environment for your kitten to thrive. With an energetic and agile breed like the Bengal cat, it’s especially crucial to make sure you and your home are ready for the new addition to the family.

One place to start cat proofing is the bathroom. Make sure the family gets in the habit of leaving the toilet lid closed, otherwise your curious kitten or older, less agile cat could fall in and drown. You will also want to make sure medications, cleaners and other harmful items for the cat are stored out of reach. If your cat is able to open doors (many can), baby proofing the doors is a great way to keep him out.

Another area of the home to cat proof is the laundry room. As we all know, many cats love to take a snooze on or IN the dryer. So, before starting it, ALWAYS check inside before. You will also want to keep your bleach, detergent and other chemicals in a place your cat cannot get into them.

For your windows, make sure the screens inside are sturdy so you cat doesn’t fall through. For any curtains, blinds, lamps and electrical cords, bundle the chords or tie them out of reach, as they can be strangulation hazards. And when entering and leaving your home, watch out for the cat, especially if he’s going to be an indoor cat.

Bengal kitten

While many cats are curious in nature, the Bengal cat is that much more curious and intelligent. For your trash cans and containers, don’t underestimate your kitty’s capability of turning the trashcan over or even knocking off the lid. Garbage should be kept in a study container with a lid and latch.

Staying true to their curious and lithe natures, Bengal cats tend to find themselves in tight spaces, including that of your recliners and sofa beds. Loving the warmth and darkness, before using or closing these, make sure you check for the cat!

With a few small adjustments, your home will be Bengal cat ready in no time! With two litters born about a month ago, we still have some adorable kittens looking for a loving, cat proof home. Contact us today at (561) 625-1638 for more information about purchasing one of our exotic Bengal kittens.