Destiny Bengals Welcomes a New Litter of Bengal Kittens

New Litter of Bengal Kittens Born on August 1, 2013, Destiny Bengals welcomes a new litter of Bengal kittens. Products of Autumn and Gangster, we have no doubt these kittens will grow to be amazing additions to your home.

Autumn, the mother of the kittens, has wonderful color, a remarkable tight coat and great contrast. A motherly cat through and through, Autumn is very sweet and loves to be held. Gangster, one of our prized studs, is father to the kittens. He has an energetic and contagious personality, great contrast and lovely rosettes.

As you can see, with a winning mother-father combination, this litter is bound to grow up to be loving and fun cats. Please contact us today to reserve one of our Bengal kittens, or for additional information about this incredible breed!

True cat lovers, Bengal cat lovers to be more specific, if you are on the fence about purchasing a Bengal cat, check out the infographic below about the healing powers of cat purrs. The facts are astonishing and it makes us wonder, why aren’t there MORE cat owners?

The healing power of cat purrs

by Gemma.
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