Bengal Cats Have A Personality Like No Other

As we posted a few weeks ago, Destiny Bengals welcomed two new litters on January 21, 2013. Sometime this week, we will have pictures of the Bengal kittens posted on the Available Kittens page of our website. Be sure to check back, you never know when one of our exotic kittens will catch your eye!

If you are unfamiliar with the breed, Bengal kittens and cats are a cross breed of wild Asian leopard cats and domestic house cats. Despite the close resemblance to their wild ancestors, Bengal cats have entertaining personalities, making them the perfect addition to the family.

Bengal Kittens

Although the Bengal kittens pictured on the website may fool you, Bengal cats grow to be larger than the average cat; this again is attributed to their ancestry. This ancestry is also responsible for the strong, muscular build of their bodies. Do not be mistaken, Bengal cats are extremely soft to the touch- great for cuddling!

Curious and full of personality, if you are someone who loves to shower your cat with love and attention, there is no better choice than a Bengal cat. Speaking of shower, Bengal cats, unlike many other domestic cats, enjoy playing in water.

For more information about this fun-loving breed of cat, visit our website and contact us today at Our Bengal kittens and cats for sale will prove to be an exotic experience.

Post by Glenn Mustapick of Destiny Bengals.