Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic?

To say that any animal is truly hypoallergenic would be untrue. Some people just have less of an issue with certain cats, depending on their particular allergy level and the cat’s breed and coat type. While one person could be less allergic to a certain breed, that doesn’t mean that the situation is the same for someone else. However, most Bengal cat breeders would agree that Bengals will most often produce a reduced reaction or no reaction in those who are known to suffer from cat allergies.

The piece of the puzzle that causes most people to have the reactions that they do is dander. Made up of tiny bits of dried cat skin and dried saliva, dander can quickly travel throughout the home that both you and your cat reside in. This then leads to itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion, rashes and more common symptoms of an allergic reaction.

One of the theories as to why Bengal cats may cause less allergic reactions is that Bengal cats have very short coats that require little to no maintenance. Typically, this means that a healthy Bengal cat will shed much less than other breeds with longer coats, keeping dander from spreading as easily throughout the home.

Additionally, a Bengal cat can maintain its coat with much less grooming on its own part. Anyone who owns cats knows that the self-grooming process consists of the cat using its tongue, which is how the saliva makes its way onto the dried skin particles. Less saliva means less dander.

Though most individuals seem to have little to no problem being around a Bengal cat, it is always a good idea to spend some time with one before deciding to bring one home permanently. If it turns out that your allergies are a non-issue, give Destiny Bengals a call and consider your options from one of the top Bengal cat breeders in Florida.

Just a Few Days Old!

We’ve got a few newborns on our hands here at Destiny Bengal! Just a few days ago, Showdown and Most Wanted welcomed a litter of three top quality Bengal kittens and we’re confident that our best male has done some of his best work yet. At such an extremely young age, all three of these kittens are already showing signs of being of great breeding quality.

Our female Bengal cat, Showdown, has a very clear, tight coat with an even better personality to match. With all of the terrific litters Most Wanted has given us in the past, we’re sure you all know by now just what makes him so special. Not only does he have the best rosettes we’ve seen in a very long time, but he is just the biggest sweetheart as well.

It will be about three weeks before we can put pictures of the new litter up on our “Kittens Available” page but be sure to keep checking back to get a glimpse at the new Bengal kittens for sale here at Destiny Bengals!