Exciting Arrivals to Come!

Any day now, Destiny Bengals will be expecting the arrival of two new litters – adding to the few remaining Bengal Kittens for Sale we have here. One of these litters will be bred from Showdown and Most Wanted while the other will come from Rio and Most Wanted. As you can imagine, we are very excited for both arrivals as Most Wanted is our best and most popular male Bengal Cats.

With more than a decade of service behind us as a top Bengal Cat Breeder in Florida, Destiny Bengals has seen few cats as special as Most Wanted. As a very big male, Most Wanted has great contrast and the best rosettes we have seen in a long time. With his kindness and love for being handled however, we’d have to say that his best quality would have to be his personality. He truly is one remarkable male.

Without a doubt, we’re sure that the Bengal Kittens from each of these pairings will come away with their fair share of Most Wanted’s greatest qualities. With his personality alone, any of these kittens are sure to make for a perfect family pet.

While we cannot yet provide pictures of our soon-to-be Bengal Kittens for Sale, please feel free to visit the Adults page of our website to view pictures and read brief descriptions of their Bengal Cat parents. Deposits for these particular kittens are already being accepted now so give us a call today and ensure that one of these sure-to-be gorgeous kittens comes home to you soon!