New Bengal Kittens Available!

On July 19th, we here at Destiny Bengals welcomed two new Bengal Kittens to our Florida based cattery. Parented by Autumn and Gangster, these kittens are sure to be very popular as it seems that they both have gotten some of the best qualities from each of their parents.

As the daughter of Holiday and Most Wanted, Autumn is one of the best looking Bengal Cats we have seen come out of Destiny Bengals. She has wonderful color, a fantastic tight coat and very deep contrast. Though physical appearance aside, Autumn is also a very sweet cat and absolutely loves to be held.

As the second half of this equation, Gangster is also an extremely sweet and friendly cat – it’s actually one of his best qualities! Also similar to Autumn, Gangster has wonderful contrast, which is paired with some of the best looking rosettes of all our cats.

One male and one female have come from this pairing and we believe that with all the fantastic qualities of their parents considered, either one would be a joy to have in any home. You can view these Bengal Kittens for Sale on the Available Kittens page of our website right now. Then be sure to contact us to find out how you can bring one of these beautiful kittens home to you and your family today!

New Additions!

On June 28th, Destiny Bengals in Florida welcomed a few new additions thanks to SummerBrees and Gangster. We invite you to visit the Available Kittens page of our site to see more pictures of these three new Bengal Kittens for Sale and find out if any of them look like the newest member of your own family!

Currently we have one male and two female Bengal Kittens available from this litter but with their bloodline, we’re sure they’ll find homes quickly. As we’ve mentioned in the past, we’ve been breeding for 15 years and have never come as close to perfection as we have with SummerBrees. She’s sweet, large and has the most beautifully outlined black rosettes we’ve ever seen – and the looks of it, a couple of kittens from this litter have a lot of their mother’s great genes!

But with both parents having such incredible features, it was never a question that these Bengal Kittens would come out looking gorgeous. Gangster is an extremely sweet and friendly cat as well and one of the main things you’ll notice about him is that he has wonderful contrast.

So we’ve made it pretty obvious that both SummerBrees and Gangster are amazing Bengal Cats, with SummerBrees’ outstanding physical features and Gangster’s lovable personality, we’re sure that any one of these Bengal Kittens for Sale would make the perfect addition to your family. Feel free to take a look and if any seem to really spark your interest, we encourage you to give us a call and we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you take your dream kitten home as soon as possible!