Why a Bengal Cat?

Have you ever watched a show on the Animal Planet and seen a little baby jungle cat and instantaneously found yourself going, “Awww”? Deep down you know that you can never own one because eventually, they won’t be so small and it’s just too dangerous. You can’t help it though – they’re just so cute!

Here at Destiny Bengals in Palm Beach, FL, we are one of the top breeders of what are called, Bengal cats. With the looks of a wild feline and the mannerisms of a house kitten, these cats are the perfect happy medium for any prospective cat owner. We have quite a few Bengal kittens for sale, so if what you read intrigues you, please visit our site and have a look for yourself!

Besides their stunning spotted coats, Bengal kittens have the type of personality any cat owner would love. It is in the nature of a Bengal cats to be interactive, happy and very intelligent. While they are active animals, they are also very affectionate, willing to lie down and relax with their owners.

These cats are ideal for anyone who wants to be able to play around with their cat, so if this sounds like you, we invite you to look into taking a Bengal cat home with you today! Our cattery is one of the healthiest and cleanest in Florida and each Bengal kitten for sale at Destiny Bengal is pure-bred and beautiful. Check us out!

One More for Good Measure

In our last post, we mentioned that Destiny Bengals had welcomed a new litter of kittens to the family. While a few of those kittens bred from Showdown and Gunsmoke are still waiting for good, loving homes, we now have a beautiful male Bengal kitten for sale at our location in Florida, courtesy of Summerbrees and Gunsmoke.

We have high hopes for how this kitten will grow up considering how extraordinary his parents are. With Gunsmoke’s great contrast and profile and Summerbrees’ sweet personality and impressively outlined rosettes, we are sure that he will be a delight for any lucky owner.

Please visit the “Kittens Available” page of our website to see pictures of this new addition! While you’re there, scroll through the rest of the page and take a look at the other spectacular Bengal kittens for sale

You can always be sure that every Bengal cat for sale at Destiny Bengals is pure-bred and at the highest standard of health, so check us out!